Art & Architecture | Elective

Would you like to gain in-depth insights into European Art and Architecture? Would you like to learn about European Art and Architecture through field trips in the Netherlands, to view the various art pieces ‘live’? When you want to discover how to look at art and architecture through the eyes of the designer, this is the right course for you. 

Why Viaa?

Our Dutch and international students value Viaa for its small-scale and Christian profile, offering high-quality and practice-oriented education. Due to its size, you as a student will benefit from an individual learning approach, small learning groups and personal contacts. From day 1, you will build new connections with teachers and fellow students, for life.   

Located in Zwolle, Viaa is within half-a-day travel distance by train from large European cities, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Brussels, and Paris.   

Planning & prerequisites

Art and Architecture is a beginner level course without prerequisites and will be offered during the spring semester of each academic year, as elective part of a Viaa Exchange programme (for example SPICE). 

“Art helps to reflectalso when it comes to shared values. I think it is really special to experience the common Christian identity across boundaries of language and culture.” 

  • Ludie Gootjes, Art & Architecture lecturer

What you will learn

During the Art and Architecture course at Viaa, you will learn to look at art through the eyes of the artist. You discover how the artworks reflect the European identity and the importance of art in culture and history. The course contains a lot of field trips to view the various art pieces. Art and Architecture is a beginner level course and will be offered during the spring semester. During the course, you will have lectures, presentations of classmates, readings and field trips.