SPICE Social Work

SPICE Social Work is an English-taught semester programme focusing on cultural understanding and personal growth.

It is an intensive study programme, during which students are fully immersed in the Dutch culture. They live in a nice, medium-sized Dutch city, experience the Dutch educational system, and travel a lot, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Europe.

  • Planning: spring 2021
  • Testing: knowledge tests, portfolio, and presentations.
  • Four mandatory courses: Dutch Culture and Society (4 ECTS), Art and Architecture (4 ECTS), and Cross-Cultural Understanding (4 ECTS), Social Work in Europe (4 ECTS)
  • One elective out of: Dutch language, History of the Low Countries, Contemporary Theology, and International Marketing. (4 ECTS each)
  • Total 20ECTS


Brief description

The main focus of the programme is cross-cultural understanding, in combination with social work. Students experience the Dutch culture in many ways. An important feature of the programme is hands-on learning. In addition to theory in class, students experience their living environment, make study visits, and do practical assignments as a rich learning environment.

All these experiences are brought together in the Intercultural Explorations class, as the learning environment for cross-cultural understanding. Students are coached by a professional tutor to reflect on their cross-cultural learning process. For the Intercultural Explorations class, they have to carry out research on a personal topic of investigation.

The preparation and experience of the trip in Social Work in Europe is part of the intercultural experience that participants can use as input for portfolio class.

More information

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