Transcultural Care

Transcultural Care is an English-taught semester programme with a focus on the issue of how to deal with cultural differences, in order to create equality in care. Students are encouraged to step out of their own frame of reference and be inspired by the diversity in the world.

  • Planning: Spring 2021
  • Testing: knowledge test, article, and portfolio
  • Applicable fields of study: Nursing and Social Work
  • 30 ECTS

Brief description

The course focuses on awareness of cultural diversity, one’s own prejudices, and stereotypes. In the consecutive lessons, this is applied to racism and discrimination. The programme is well-founded within the theories of cultural anthropology and cultural diversity, connected with professional care. Spirituality and religion as aspects of culture, as well as gender and sex, birth and death are part of the course content. All topics are related to the profession of a care giver.

In the second part of the course , the focus will be on intercultural communication, applied to interviewing and with a link to care literacy. Transcultural psychiatry, elderly care, refugees and FGM are part of the content of this part of the course.

During the course, the students have at least one day and at the most two days a week time for practical assignments like interviews, visiting families from a different cultural background, etc. 50% of the course hours is contact time in class and for assignments with other students. The other half is meant for self-study.

More information

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