Pre-conference 'Education and research in spiritual care'

The EPICC network for spiritual care in nursing and midwifery education in Europe presents the seventh bi-annual European student conference on spiritual care, hosted by Viaa University of Applied Sciences. Preceding the conference, the Viaa research institute for spiritual care in nursing (‘Lectoraat Zorg en Zingeving’) organises a pre-conference for educators and researchers in spiritual care.

From 2017-2019, six European partners in higher education for nurses and midwives joined in a Erasmus+ funded project to develop a standard for competencies in spiritual care in nursing and midwifery (EPICC). The core competencies are: (1) intrapersonal, (2) interpersonal, (3) assessment & planning, and (4) intervention & evaluation. In addition, the project produced a ‘tool kit’ of educational strategies for the development of these competencies. The EPICC standard serves as the background of the pre-conference.

For further development of spiritual care in nursing and midwifery practice and education, this preconference provides participants with an opportunity to exchange results of ‘best practices’. The overall aim is to share demonstrable strengths and weaknesses, blind spots and benchmarks in clinical practice and educational strategies, as well as future partnerships and projects.

Target audience
Educators and researchers of spiritual care in nursing and midwifery who are interested in making spiritual care education work.

Call for abstracts
Participants are invited to submit abstracts of short paper and/or poster presentations describing ‘best practices’ of educational tools, strategies and practices leading to the development of the above competencies in nursing and midwifery. These presentations must include:

  • A description of an educational ‘intervention’ (tool, strategy or practice), a description of demonstrable results, and an evaluation of this intervention.
  • A description of the relationship of this intervention and evaluation with one or more of the core competencies (a), (b), (c) and (d) mentioned above.

If accepted, presentations are limited to 10 minutes of speaking time and 10 minutes of Q&A. Posters may be exhibited during the student conference as well.

Submission date
Abstracts to be submitted no later than June 1, 2021. An academic committee will communicate acceptance or rejection no later than June 1, 2021. Mail the attached submission form to:

Venue, travel arrangement and general information
Fee for attendance of the pre-conference is € 75. This included refreshments during the meetings and dinner afterwards. The fee does not include accommodation or transport, but the city of Zwolle has many places to stay and excellent public transportation. For more information, please see student conference website.

13:30-14:00      Registration
14:00-14:30      Plenary introduction
14:30-15:30      Intrapersonal competencies / Interpersonal competencies
15:30-16:00      Pauze
16:00-17:00      Assessment & planning / Intervention and evaluation
17:00-17:30      Plenary conclusion
17:30                 Dinner

Pre-Conference fee: €75,- (excluding BTW)

The conference takes place in “Mercure Hotel” in Zwolle.
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Please note: if you are also interested in the conference, you must register for it separately. See: Registration Studentconference