Get ready for spiritual care: answer your calling!

In his keynote lecture René van Leeuwen will point on how spiritual care in health care practice can be secured. He will give directions for that based on the outcomes and experiences from implementation and research projects in different healthcare and educational settings in the Netherlands. He will specifically focus on the role of spiritual case ambassadors in health care and educational practice. This lecture will also be a call for nursing and midwifery students to become such an ambassador in the workplace and among fellow students.

René van Leeuwen is PhD, is head of the Research Group Spirituality and Healthcare at Viaa Christian University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle in the Netherlands. He is educated as a mental health nurse and he worked as a nurse educator in different nursing schools in the Netherlands. His expertise in spirituality and health care is focusing on competence development in spiritual care by nurses. He developed and validated the Spiritual Care Competence Scale (SCCS) that was translated, validated and applied in many different countries (e.g. Brasil, China, Korea, Turkey). He (co)authored (inter)national publications about spirituality and nursing care  and he is co-author of the Dutch book Meaning in Nursing and social Work. He is also involved in the development of online learning tools about spiritual care. René is chair of EPICC, the international network of practitioners, educators and researchers in nursing and midwifery (