Students from the USA and Canada

For students from the USA and Canada, Viaa offers several semester programmes.


In cooperation with our partner Dordt College, we offer an English taught semester in the spring semester, called SPICE: Study Programme In Contemporary Europe.  For this programme, you should apply through Dordt College.

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This semester yields 12-18 American credits. Each course yields 3 credits.
Three courses are compulsory: Cross-Cultural Understanding, Culture and Society, and Art and Architecture.

In addition to the compulsory courses, you can choose two from the following electives: Contemporary Theology, Dutch History, Dutch, and International Marketing. For the content of these courses, see: course description.

SPICE nursing

As a nursing student, you can choose for SPICE-Nursing. In addition to the compulsory courses of SPICE, in SPICE-Nursing you can select two courses suitable with your major:

  • Nursing Research: this course is taught in English, in small groups together with Dutch students at Viaa. See: course description.
  • Nursing Practical: a programme of visits and short internships to different kinds of health care facilities, like Geriatric Care and Home-Based Care.

Transcultural Nursing

This is an English taught course for second- and third-year nursing students, together with Dutch nursing students. It’s a full semester course, yielding 30 European credits, equalling 15 American credits.

Many cultural topics related to the profession of nursing will be explored, like: racism; religion and spirituality; life and death; et cetera. See: course description.

In addition to theory classes and assignments carried out together with Dutch students, there is a practical part, which can be performed in the Netherlands, as well as abroad.


General information about living in Holland, traveling and buddies.

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