Research Project

Doing a Research Project while studying at Viaa

Would you like to carry out a research project within the field of your interest under the supervision of a Viaa lecturer and gain practical research experience at the same time? During the Research Project course at Viaa, you do research work, which includes a literature study and fieldwork. At the end of the practical research work, you will write a research report. Through a creative presentation, you will present your research findings to the supervisor and other students who participated in the Research Project course. You can choose your research topic within the following domains: health care, social work, primary education, theology, business, marketing or psychology, or even a combination of domains. It’s possible to follow this course while being in the Netherlands or online from your home country. 

Why Viaa?

Our Dutch and international students’ value Viaa for its small-scale and Christian profile, offering high-quality and practice-oriented education. Due to its size you as a student will benefit from an individual learning approach, small learning groups and personal contacts. From day one you will build new connections with teachers and fellow students, for life.  

Located in Zwolle, Viaa is within half-a-day travel distance by train from large European cities, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Brussels, and Paris.  

Planning & prerequisites

The Research Project course is a second-year course. It is recommended to have followed a basic introduction to research methodologies. This course will be offered during the spring semester of each academic year.   

What you will learn

During the Research Project course at Viaa, you learn to make a study plan, perform a literature study, analyse and conclude your findings, and report the findings in a research report. You do your research under the guidance of a supervisor. You can do this individually or, depending on the research topic, together with a fellow student. During the course, you have instruction meetings with the supervisor, some individual meetings, and you present your research findings during a final presentations meeting. 

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