Viaa wants to be of social significance as a center of knowledge. To train students to become inspired and innovative professionals. And to contribute to solutions for questions from professional practice. Viaa therefore likes to work with and for professionals in nursing, education, social work and pastoral care. Especially now that society is becoming increasingly complex, citizens and professionals are asking for this.

Research groups

The research within Viaa takes place from the three academies together with the field for which that academy trains. Research is done by students as part of their education so that they develop innovative attitudes and skills. Research is also carried out by teacher-researchers within Viaa’s three research groups. The research groups conduct their research in close collaboration with the field for which their academy trains. Investigations are always practice-oriented: they look for answers to questions posed by practice, they carry out the research in a practical situation and make recommendations that are useful for professionals in the workplace. Viaa itself also directly uses the results of the research to improve its own vocational training. 


Viaa is engaged in research within the fields of our study programs: education, healthcare, social work and theology.  

 Research Group Social Issues 

This research group of the Academy Social Work and Theology gives shape to the ‘Werkplaats Sociale Domein’ region of Zwolle. They work on issues related to inclusion, integrated cooperation in the neighborhood with and for residents and interprofessional cooperation on youth. 

Research Group Spirituality in Healthcare  

The research group of the Healthcare Academy pays attention to the great importance of spirituality and life questions in the attention and care that people need when they come into contact with care. 

Research Group Good Educational Practices 

The research group of the Educational Academy conducts research into the design of good educational practices.