Social Work

Are you dedicated to helping people? Do you want to be significant in the life of another person?

With the Dutch-taught Social Work training of Viaa, you receive both knowledge and tools to offer help to people as a professional.

This often involves vulnerable people, who are in need of assistance, contact, or a new perspective. We gladly guide you to becoming the innovative and creative professional who relates to what is happening in society.

Why choose Social Work at Viaa?

It’s not easy to make a study choice. Moreover, it’s something you have to do in a well-considered way. So why not visit our open days, or make an appointment for a practical day or a shadowing day. Why do others choose Social Work? We asked some of our students. These are their arguments:

  •  ‘The study programme is highly regarded.’
  • ‘The school and many classmates have a Christian identity.’
  • ‘Viaa is a small-scale college with involved teachers who really know you.’
  • ‘There is plenty of opportunity to gain practical experience.’
  • ‘Zwolle is a nice student city, not too crowded, but vibrant.’

Expand your boundaries, broaden your view

Every Social Work student at Viaa visits abroad. In the fourth year you go to a city in Europe for at least a week for the foreign orientation course. There you will investigate how care is organised in other countries. Many students also do work placements in other countries in order to broaden their field of vision. Not a must, but a good idea, because in your future work you will also have to deal with different people and different cultures. An internship abroad broadens your frame of reference. At the moment Social Work has good contacts in South Africa, Suriname and various European countries.

Feeling with society

The field of Social Work has changed a lot. Municipalities have been given more responsibilities, there is a greater focus on outpatient care (care outside institutions, e.g. at home). And there is an increasing call on a client’s network. The care is organised differently, so is the preparation for it. Where you first opted for an SPH, MWD, CMV or Pedagogy course, now everything comes together in Social Work. Because society keeps changing, we make sure that our feeling with society stands out in the work field. Our teachers are closely involved with institutions and there are regular exchanges: for example, a Social Work teacher from Viaa gives a training course at a social work organisation and a professional from that organisation in turn provides a guest lecture at Viaa.

Quality training

The team of Social Work at Viaa therefore continues to develop continuously and is always on the lookout for improvements. Those efforts pay off. Our training is highly regarded.