You want to help people. And you prefer to do that by sharing your faith. As a pastoral worker you connect the gospel with daily practice. Inside, but also outside the church. You have faith conversations, give advice on organizational issues or set up activities to get people moving. In all of this you act from the Bible: the source that constantly provides you with new inspiration.

Viaa offers a Dutch-taught fulltime study programme in  Theology in which you are given all the space you need to develop yourself. You will discover the broad field of work and get to work with the competencies you need there. Your goal is to become an innovative, inquisitive, creative professional who knows what is going on in the church and in society. From there you give hands and feet to the faith and you are of added value in daily practice.

After the Theology study programme you can go in all sorts of directions. Even more than you might think. You have learned to see opportunities and know how you can be of added value to people or organisations. From that entrepreneurial attitude there is always something to do. For example, you will work as a pastoral worker, evangelical pastor, youth worker, policy maker or as a missionary worker at home or abroad. If you have taken the minor Religious Teacher during the study programme, it is also possible to obtain a second-degree teaching qualification in one year.