HBO-V students on internship to Ghana

Jolin, Ottelie, Sara and Lisanne, third-year Nursing students, left for Ghana in September for their internship at the Holy Family Hospital in Berekum. An adventure full of new experiences, medical challenges and unforgettable moments.

They say: “In the beginning, it was a bit of a switch with the new culture, but it’s amazing how quickly you start to feel at home in an unfamiliar place. And now it’s hard to say goodbye.”

In the hospital

“Our internship in the Emergency Ward brought fascinating medical cases, while the Surgical Ward showed us various wounds of all sizes. We performed nursing procedures, from catheter and cannula placement to medication, blood sampling and wound care. We learned and experienced a lot!

In the hospital, we did not only gain medical knowledge but also made friends with colleagues. We invited friends over for games, taught them how to swim and even shared the traditional Dutch dish stamppot. Did they like it? Opinions were divided on that.”

Ghana is beautiful

“Ghana is a beautiful country with warm and helpful people. We fully immersed ourselves in the culture, tried local food, learned the local language ‘Twi’, did our shopping at the market and were invited to church by different people on Sundays every week. We also saw the challenges, such as poverty and limited access to health care, which was very confronting.

We stayed on the campus of a Nursing college, next to the hospital. It was very nice to meet so many other Ghanaian students. During the weekends, we explored beautiful Ghana and discovered amazing places. Sometimes we took a week off our internship to travel longer distances and get to know the country, which we enjoyed very much!

Are you considering an internship abroad? We really recommend it. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!