Join us for Teacher in Europe 2021: Futureproof Education!

Even in or maybe because of this strange year, it is essential to broaden your mind and horizon. So, become inspired and meet international student teachers for primary and secondary education and coaching staff Higher Education at the Teacher in Europe online student conference on 28-30 April 2021!

Our popular international conference is open to students of (international) teacher trainer colleges for both primary (age group 4–12) and secondary education (age groups 12-15 and 15-18). Although everything will be online, we will have an engaging programme with keynotes to be inspired by, workshop to discuss with professionals and group sessions where we challenge students to work together with peers and maybe find friends for life.

The theme of the conference will be Futureproof Education. We will think about the question of how to practise the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in the classroom. A range of experts will provide students with theoretical reflections and practical tools to prepare them for this task. 

In preparation for the conference and the SDG goals, the students also receive a preparatory assignment they have to do in the weeks before the event. The student must be in contact with an internship school to complete the assignment.

During the conference days, the students will work in international groups on an international project plan, guided by coaches. During the final day of the conference, each group will present their plan to the other groups. A special programme for coaches will provide support for guiding the students during the process while working on their projects.

You can register via the website of Teacher in Europe.