SPICE alumnus Kristóf about his experience studying at Viaa

Kristóf Nagy studies for his master’s degree in English Language and Literature and takes a minor in Dutch Language at the Károli Gáspár University in Budapest, Hungary. Asked about his experience with the SPICE programme, he mentioned the ability to immerse himself in the Dutch history and culture. But also the effort of the professors at Viaa to help students understanding themselves better. And living with a host family…

Part of the family
Kristóf calls it one of the main reasons why he has chosen SPICE over the other programmes. “Living with a host family has been a wonderful experience. You can learn so much more this way than when living on your own. My host family treated me like I was part of their family. Every time I needed help with something, they were ready to offer their help.”

Helpful, friendly and humorous
This open-minded mentality of the Dutch is something Kristóf noticed anyway. He appreciated the attitude of the professors at Viaa. “All of them were very helpful, friendly and humorous, making it really easy for students to open up to them and have a good time together.”
Kristóf continues: “I think Dutch people in general are very open and friendly. I never found it difficult to strike up a conversation with a Dutch person, whether it is a guide, train guard, or a cashier in a supermarket. The Dutch are genuinely interested in learning about different cultures.”

Most to offer
The many excursions made SPICE the programme that had the most to offer according to Kristóf. “We made many excursions throughout the Netherlands, to Amsterdam, Groningen, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Kröller-Müller Museum. We also spent a week in
Italy: seeing Rome was amazing! The professors guided us through the cities and told us about the history. We saw famous museums and buildings and managed to go to places like the Tweede Kamer of the Parliament, hardly accessible to ordinary people normally.”

Positive experience
What is Kristóf’s most important takeaway from this international programme? Kristóf: “I would say the overall experience. I have learned a lot from my stay in the Netherlands. I got to travel to places that I would have been unable to visit, if not for this programme. I experienced what it is to live in a different country and living with locals. This programme helped broadening my understanding on living in general. It helped me mature. It was very valuable for me to spend a semester in the Netherlands. I highly recommend this programme to students with an international scope!”