As a nurse, you want to mean something to someone else. You provide care for physical and mental problems, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s or a broken leg. But above all, you have an eye for the person behind it. You listen to a story about someone’s children, have a conversation about a difficult treatment programme or have fun in between. Extra care for which you get at least as much in return. A smile or a wise lesson, for example.

Viaa trains you to become an expert, social, all-round nurse. The Neuman Systems Model forms the basis of the programme. With this model, you learn not only to have an eye for someone’s problem, but also for the whole system, the spiritual background and the social network. To be able to do that, you first have to get to know yourself. That is why we pay a lot of attention to personal development. Of course, knowledge and skills also play an important role. By following a varied and challenging educational Dutch-taught programme, you will automatically discover where you stand in healthcare.

As an all-round nurse, the world is at your feet. You can literally cross national borders, but there is more than enough to do in the Netherlands as well. From hospitals to rehabilitation clinics, consultancies and GP practices, they all need nurses. In addition, disability care, youth care and psychiatry fall within your field of work. Whatever direction you go in, based on your broad education, you can further specialise in practice. Would you prefer to continue learning? Many students opt for a training as a practice-nurse at a general practitioner. At the university you can also follow a Master Advanced Nursing Practice, Nursing Sciences or Health Sciences.