Teacher Training for Primary Education

Think back to your own days in primary school. Remember that one nice teacher? Because s/he was so kind, funny, patient, or for some other reason s/he has left an impression on you.

You carry such memories throughout your life. A good teacher can really make a difference in the life of a child. Do you want to teach in primary education? The team of the Teacher Training at Viaa helps you discover your strength as a teacher and helps you develop your personal style of teaching.

Viaa offers you the top-class, Dutch-taught training to develop towards your level of personal professionalism as a primary school teacher.


Your life as a teacher is full of variety. No day is the same and every child is different. Education is so much more than teaching children knowledge and skills. Viaa’s bachelor’s programme Teaching in Zwolle pays extensive attention to all the aspects you need in education. The Teaching programme at our college is a small education, which makes very personal education possible.

Learning in practice

Standing confidently in front of the classroom, you learn by doing it a lot. That is why  we put a lot of emphasis on ‘workplace learning’. The curriculum of our training has a dual character. With a lot of attention for internships. But workplace learning is more than just an internship. We also ask you to contribute to better education and cross-class activities at your training school. You are at your internship school two days a week, one day you have self-study and two days you follow classes at Viaa. In addition, we regularly organize excursions for our students. For example, an international week during which we visit educational institutions in a European city.

Workplace learning

For a high quality internship we provide intensive guidance. We do this by working together with a large consortium of schools. We work together with various Christian primary schools in the Netherlands on the professionalization of beginning teachers. Would you like to do an internship at a school outside this partnership? Then we will look into the possibilities in consultation with you.

Christian identity

Viaa has a Christian identity. We train Christian professionals who want to testify of God’s love in their work. This means that in your classroom you offer children hope from a biblical perspective and teach them that they have a role in God’s world. By dealing well with others, with nature and with creation. The teaching programme of Viaa you will get the tools to teach religion in an appealing way.