Dutch language | Elective

Would you like to learn Dutch during your exchange study period at Viaa? Do you want to learn how to order your first ‘frikandel’ in Dutch and do you want to get a true understanding of the Dutch word ‘gezellig’? Then this Dutch course at Viaa is right for you! 

Although most people in the Netherlands speak English (and will likely switch to it when they hear a foreign language), learning Dutch will help you gain insight into the culture, customs, structure and history. Dutch will also make it easier to develop social contacts with native students and families during your stay in the Netherlands.

Why Viaa?

Our Dutch and international students value Viaa for its small-scale and Christian profile, offering high-quality and practice-oriented education. Due to its size, you as a student will benefit from an individual learning approach, small learning groups and personal contacts. From day 1, you will build new connections with teachers and fellow students, for life.   

Located in Zwolle, Viaa is within half-a-day travel distance by train from large European cities, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Brussels, and Paris. 

Planning & prerequisites

This is a beginner’s course of the Dutch language and will be offered during the spring semester of each academic year. 

What you will learn

Our Dutch course covers four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. And besides, you will learn of course Dutch grammar and Dutch vocabulary. You will be encouraged to use the language immediately from the beginning with the help of authentic listening texts, video material and reading texts. You will be using the language in class and outside class as much as feasible. The lecturer works with a practical book, and besides that, the use of online material and real conversations will be essential ingredients to learn the Dutch language. 

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