Transcultural and Interdisciplinary Care Exchange Program

Would you like to expand your horizon by living abroad, while simultaneously broadening your intercultural understanding and knowledge of cultural diversity in health care? If you’d like to add health care experience to your resume then Transcultural & Interdisciplinary Care is the program for you. 

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Why Transcultural & Interdisciplinary Care?
Why Viaa?
What you will learn
Full semester with mandatory and elective courses
International field trips during your study at Viaa
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Why Viaa Transcultural and Interdisciplinary Care Exchange?

Join us for the Transcultural & Interdisciplinary Care Exchange program. Viaa Exchange is an English medium semester program focusing on cultural understanding and personal growth, while also learning about how to deal with cultural differences as a healthcare, social work or education professional.

Why Viaa?

Our Dutch and international students value Viaa for its small-scale and Christian profile, offering high-quality and practice-oriented education. Due to its size, you as a student will benefit from an individual learning approach, small learning groups and personal contacts. From day 1, you will build new connections with teachers and fellow students, for life.   

Located in Zwolle, Viaa is within half-a-day travel distance by train from large European cities, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Brussels, and Paris.   

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What you will learn

This track brings together professionals from social work, health care and education, to discuss and explore the realm of transcultural care. In each work field we come across young people from a widely diverse background. It is important to acknowledge this cultural diversity, and to act appropriately from a professional perspective.  There is also a need in society for a more holistic approach to care: how do social workers, health care professionals and pedagogues provide a safe environment in which a young person can develop well? What can we learn from each other when we look at the individuals that we work with? What do we know about their daily lives, and what they are faced with when they are not with us?

Anjana uit Nepal student in SPICE nursing 2018

Full semester with mandatory and elective courses

During the  Transcultural & Interdisciplinary Care Exchange program, you follow a semester at Viaa with Health Care (Transcultural & Interdisciplinary Care) and Social Psychology of both 6 ECTS and Intercultural Explorations (12 ECTS).

Next to the mandatory courses, Viaa offers several elective courses (6 ECTS unless indicated otherwise):  

International field trips during your study at Viaa

Field trips are an integral part of the Viaa Exchange program. All Viaa Exchange students will go on a weeklong international field trip and several field trips to large cities or landmarks in the Netherlands. 


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